I just purchased a barebone laptop and put in my own CPU, memory and hard drive, but I have no screen coming up after I press the power button. What is the problem?

This is the most common question when the customers put in their own parts in a barebone laptop. Here are three possibilities to cause the "no screen" problem:

1. The most common one is the customer forgot to tight up the CPU position screw, so the computer does not recognize the CPU was there. Please check the following procedure and make sure your installation is correct:

Insert the CPU (Image A), pay careful attention to the pin alignment, it will fit only one way (DO NOT FORCE IT!), and turn the CPU release latch to the lock position, make sure you turn it all the way to the parallel position, like Image B.

Image A Image B

2. The memory module is not installed correctly or defective. You can use your memory modules on another laptop and test it with some memory testing software like Prime95 to make sure it is OK. If you don't have another laptop to test the memory then use one module at a time to avoid the defective memory module possibility. Also make sure your installation is correct:

Insert a new module holding it at about a 30° angle and fit the connectors firmly into the memory slot. The module will only fit one way as defined by its pin alignment. Make sure the module is seated as far into the slot as it will go, the golden contact part should be nearly invisible. DO NOT FORCE IT; it should fit without much pressure. Press the module in and down towards the mainboard until the slot levers click into place to secure the module.

3. If the screen is still not showing up after you tried both methods above, contact our tech support online or call (909) 396-9140 for support.